MUSIC: 4FATHERS Day X Simple Things Project MIX


A father’s day mix co-curated by 4FATHERS and The Simple Things Project.


4FATHERS, print and digital journal exploring the experiences and daily lifestyle of fathers around the world. In each issue we feature a selection of fathers with amazing stories, who we think are doing amazing things as parents. With it’s unique mix of photo essays, interviews, music and film reviews , 4FATHERS goal of giving today’s father a voice through it’s publication is achieved with each issue delivered bi-annually.

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The Simple Things Project

Since my book was inspired by the “simple things” in life that brings me joy, I wanted to take it a step further and engage and connect with people by learning some of the “simple things” that bring them joy, and that was the birth of “The Simple Things Project”.

Overall, the whole purpose of this project is to challenge people to have a moment of reflection. Since I realize that a lot of us are pursuing something greater - often times while in pursuit, we tend to lose track of the smaller (simple) things that bring us joy and I wanted this project to reflect that.

- Lorenzo Diggins Jr., Founder

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1. Intervention - Boogie Jill Scott I think its better (Prod. By Keyel & AC)

2. Alkebulan Mind - Jazz Liberatorz Speak The Language

3. Jay Z - I Need You Glory – Jill Scott Feat. B.I.C.

4. FYC - Our Soil: The Warrior Lessons – .Paak – AZ - Bedtime Story – Knx – Dza - Kids Rapsody - The Man – Queen Afua – Total Kiss You

5. Chronixx Youths Patexx - It Caan Work -- CE - “Mudra”